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remember_it_all's Journal

1 April 1976
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  • remember_it_all@livejournal.com
This LJ is for fanfiction and fiction only. There will be no meme's, no long winded stories about my life, nothing personal at all.

Stories posted will be posted public, and are not intended (for the most part) for people under 18 - so if you're under 18, go away. Friend me if you want, I guess, I'll probably friend you back. For the purposes of any community I'm joining, I'm over 18 - by about 14 years.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, and make no money off anything I write, nor do I wish to.

Warning: This LJ includes R and NC17 fics. They will be labeled as such and placed beneath LJ Cuts so do not read if you are not of legal age in your specific area.

That's it for now.